In RECUITS DE FONTETA we are proud of the quality of the products we make. For this reason we work hard every day using the best available installations of the market and attending the strictests hygienic rules.

 For the distribution, we develop a fast and efficient transport system, to guarantee the fast delivering of our products to their destination places.

 We do this to make our products arrive to our customers as fast as possible. This allow our customers to enjoy them in the best conditions.

 As we are a small family firm, we concentrate our work in doing what we really know well. We don't want to make a lot of different products. We prefer to make a few high quality products. This is the reason why our RECUITS (fresh cheeses) and CHEESES became a very appreciated delicatessen for important restaurants. Its popularity even arrived to prestigious shops of New York .

Press and TV comments

During 2011 we have seen our product recuits among the most representative Catalan products in the advertisment of Estrella Damm beer.

Our quality has also been recognized in several articles published in newspapers like La Vanguardia and in other prestigious cuisine magazines.

Year after year, our products are mentioned among the best of Spain in the prestigious selection of the book Lo mejor de la gastronomía (The best of the Gastronomy) of Rafael García Santos.

This selection is certified by the opinion of the most prestigious Spanish chefs, who use our products to express their creativity in new and original combinations of flavors.