Recipes with Recuit de Fonteta

Here you are a small collection of recipes in which our recuit has a outstanding role. Some of them have been broadcasted by TV3 (Television of Catalonia) in the programs Cuines (Kitchens) and Cuina per Solters (Cooking for Singles). The rest are the result of the talent and professionalism of prestigious Spanish chefs. We encourage you to elaborate them. We are sure that your guests will be surprised with delicious and original dishes that are a pleasure for the senses.

The following web pages are in Catalan language. You can obtain the automatic translation into other languages ​by means of a translation service of web pages as:

Recuit cakes

Mini quiches of spinach and recuit

Recuit de Fonteta mousse with applesauce

Restaurant La Vienesa (Sant Feliu de Guíxols)

Eggplant with recuit, tomatoes and anchovies

Restaurant Les Panolles (Santa Cristina d'Aro)

Soup of recuit de Fonteta with red fruits

Restaurant Mas dels Arcs (Vall-llobrega)

Baked figs with recuit and virgin oil

Restaurant Molí del Mig (Torroella de Montgrí)

Recuit of goat milk, honey and almond soup

Restaurant Àbac (Barcelona)

Roses salad, apricots and recuit de Fonteta

Melon soup with recuit and mint

Recuit de Fonteta with wild rose syrup

Gazpacho (cold soup) of cherry with anchovies and goat's recuit

Watercress cream with baby squid and recuit

Recuit, green apple, pepper and citrus

Volcanic eruption (Recuit with pineapple and marmelade)